Do you wear Loafers in winter?

Perhaps southerners and northerners will have diametrically opposed answers to this question.

For northerners, who wears Loafers in winter must be a warrior. But for southerners, isn’t Loafer still a pair of dress shoes? As long as I don’t wear it barefoot, is there an essential difference between wearing Loafers in winter and wearing Oxford?

After the autumn cools down, suit lovers are rushing to tell each other, because the desire that has been suppressed for a long time can finally be released! It’s time to put on a suit again.

In terms of the dressing style of current suit lovers, casual occupies the mainstream, so shoes are never Oxford or Derby is majestic。 Don’t think that autumn and winter are the season of boots, in reality, it is still Loafer in charge.

It’s a choice, or to match the style, in my own experience, some loafers really fit winter.

That’s a strange statement, right, I’ll give you an example, and you’ll agree with it completely.

I didn’t want to wear this pair of John Lobb Egee in the winter, and when I wanted to wear it in the summer, I found that I couldn’t.

In terms of uppers, all the elements, tassels, wingtip, and brogues combined are too old-fashioned, and summer speaks of casual, so it can’t match such an upper.

But the more universal reason is the colour black.

Light summer and discreet black shoes are so hard to reconcile.

Even if you wear a loose black linen shirt on the upper body and shoes underneath, you may not choose such a formal loafer, and it is more appropriate to wear a pair of black leather slippers.

Therefore, conclusion one, black Loafers in smooth leather or suede are more suitable for autumn and winter.

And then to this pair of Carlos Santos Weston, dark brown suede, I started wearing it in the summer, and after trying it a few times, I felt that it was too “warm”.

Generally speaking, suede is quite suitable for summer, right? Because in terms of texture, suede is more casual than smooth leather. I think the “warmth” of this pair is mainly due to the combination of color and suede. If this were a pair of dark brown smooth leather loafer, I would have no problem wearing them in summer, but because of the warmth brought by the “fluffy” suede and the heaviness brought by the dark brown, this “warm” feeling is produced.

Therefore, this pair of Loafer is suitable for autumn and winter.

In smooth leather, dark brown is a very versatile colour, such as with the navy blue suit. This pair of dark brown suede, maybe I will choose yellow-based clothes, burgundy clothes, I will also try to see, but with navy blue, I personally feel that the texture is a little mismatched.

Therefore, the second conclusion is that some colours and textures are warmer and more suitable for autumn and winter.

These experiences made me feel that there is a chemical reaction between colour and leather, because I think the combination of burgundy smooth leather is also very suitable for summer, and light color, if it is paired with grain leather, such as Scotch Grain, may be more suitable for autumn and winter.