Model Archive – Per Nobile

This is the top brand in Russia, no matter the quality or price.

Russia does not have a long history of shoemaking as in Soviet era, Hungary made the shoes for this country.

Russian rich love exotic leathers, extravagant design which is so harmony with the concept of classic dress shoes.

Mainly Goodyear construction but loafer with Blake, price at 950 USD.

The sole looks very Spanish and not so premium.

Let us review its models.


I don’t know why but this brand reminds me WM1978 so much, maybe the skills are so eyecatching.

There are some good looking, well designed models, but also some attractive only to sudden rich. Any, this brand still occupies the top in mind because its originality.

And this final form is a boutique maybe like Cavour, so bespoke clothing and other accessories are all included.