Roiluxe new store in Shanghai

In October last year, Roiluxe Shanghai moved to a new location. The old site is upstairs of The Refinery which I visited already. I took a taxi according to the new address shared by Queena, the hostess. The navigation showed that there were still 100 meters to arrive, I panicked, this is not right, this is the old store, but I obviously told the taxi to the new store! As a result, the new store and the old store, the distance is indeed less than 100 meters.

When I entered the building, how could this black rumbling atrium and old elevator be a little familiar? Out of the elevator, this stone corridor, this green window edge, why déjà vu? The further I went, the stronger the sense of familiarity, it’s over, I went to the wrong store, this is the store of Carolina Murat, the clothier! I have been here!!!

The door was open and Queena was sorting out shoes, fortunately there was no mistake, and this community is so small. Many people may have been to this studio of Carolina Murat, and Roiluxe redesign the layout and the site looks much bigger.

Directly opposite the door is this booth hosting Gaziano & Girling. On the left-hand side is the place to try on shoes or have a chat, very spacious and bright, the green of the sofa and carpet, which happens to be the brand color of Roiluxe. Everyone knows I don’t have much love for Gaziano & Girling, but there are so many pairs of shoes that made me feel really good.

For example, I mistook this one as Edward Greens Dover since Roiluxe also carries Edward Green and this happened to be Dark Oak, the iconic colour of Edward Green. Take a closer look, this last is not right, it turned out to be Gaziano & Girling Hove!

Another example is this pair of Austerity Brogue. last and pattern are refined, and the slightly added roughness comes from the linkage between the ultra-fine teeth on the edge of the leather and the connected double stitching.

This pair uses the same elements, the fine edge were cut by very special tools. Sock lining has Roiluxe logo.

Gaziano & Girling just hunted Edward Green Dover, and it clearly wouldn’t let John Lobb go. Chapel was hunted immediately. The changes may be the gold buckles.

But the selling point of this pair is not the pattern design, but the mystical patina which like a very poisonous mushroom. Queena told it sold exceptionally well!

The Shanghai store is completed taken care by Queena alone, in addition, the customer service on TMall is also Queena. There are many people who have her work WeChat, but very few knows what she looks like. I give you a glimpse of her true face today.

Whether or not you have been to Roiluxe store, at least you visited Tmall store online. You know what brands Roiluxe carries, but I only know today that there are actually two brands were brought into China by Roiluxe exclusively.

One is Italian brand Enzo Bonafe. I always thought that only a few people knew about this brand, and I didn’t expect that it is selling so well. My feeling about Enzo Bonafe is that the last is not overly elongated as an Italian brand, the craftsmanship is simple and solid, and the price is very reasonable. Of course, there are also feedbacks about the leather is not very satisfactory.

This triangle cap toe Oxford made of museum calf is Enzo Bonafe’s hit.

Another one that I didn’t expect is George Cleverley, the brand that Ace Agent made well known. It is said that there were originally stores in China selling this brand, but only the high-end Anthony Cleverley collection. The official distribution of George Cleverley was started by Roiluxe.

This Loafer is the best seller. That’s pretty unexpecting as George Cleverley is most famous for its Cap Toe Oxford and Lazyman?

This year, Roiluxe collaborated with another well-known Chinese brand, Badia, and the shoes are equipped with great construction, handwelted.

In terms of best-selling, Black Chelsea is first, double Monk is second, and Chubby Loafer is third.

Then, there’s the old friend who occupies most of the shelves, Mattina.

The bestseller is Brogued Cap Toe Oxford made of museum calf, Mahler.

In addition to formal dress shoes and care products such as Saphir and Bootblack, there is sneaker from Chinese brand Rotation.

From the Gaziano & Girling booth, there’s a brightly colored wall behind it.

It’s full of socks that sell well and catch a lot of people’s eyes, the brands are Bresciani, Pantherella and then private label.

There are two shoehorns which had come out of Patina.


I may be too old-fashioned and don’t like this kind of shop that can only be found by going upstairs deep, but after coming in, the space layout and products are indeed very pleasant. Compared with the cramped old store, the new one is much cozier.