Unboxing Double Monk James from Sons of Henrey

This pair of double monks were unboxed once, however that one sits on a square toe last and made of rustical grey museum calf, this one sits on a much loved last, let us have a look this pair of James from Belgian shoe brand Sons of Henrey.


The colour may not be special, however the texture of the box is quite good, especially under sun.

The signature envelope is rarely seen at this price point, sadly this practice has been abolished.

All the information about this pair of shoes is included. The last is Elegant Round. Leather is walnut colour museum calf from Italian tannery Ilcea.


Elegant Round last is actually last 202 from Edward Green, which is my favorite forever.


To be honest, there is nothing special on pattern design of Sons of Henrey because its slogan is Timeless Elegance, and timeless means classic or boring.

However, harmony achieved by the simple pattern is impeccable.

The buckles are purposedly chosen to be made of copper to match the colour of upper leather.


Closed channel Goodyear construction. Nothing special.


Walnut is not easy to understand, but If I call it middle to dark brown, I feel it is OK.


The last is really a beauty!

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