Unboxing Double Monk Weber from Mattina

There is an annual classic menswear event hosted by top KOL, Dr. Justice in Shanghai called Suit Ride.

I am very honoured to be invited and I picked this pair of double monk from Mattina, Weber.


Even though this outer box is just for delivery, but customized size fits shoe box quite well, shoe box is well protected. The tape has logo which is totally enough.

It has been awhile since my last encounter with this fine texture shoe box with tiny logo in the center.

Handwritten information on sticker. I suddenly thought whether this is redundant as Gaziano & Girling just writes the information on box.

Model name Weber, last N, size 38R. R stands for rubber sole. Upper leather is Vocalou 5048.

Most purchasers of Mattina know shoes for one or two, however the completeness of the information is still too much.

Vocalou is a collection offered by French tannery Annonay and it is half aniline dyed. The other collection one step above is Vegano which is full aniline dyed. What is the difference? If you look at the section of leather edge, full means the colour is the same from top to bottom (suede).

Vocalou is the mainstay of Mattina, however Vegano is also used. 5048 is the colour code, a plain English description is Burgundy.

Mattina is a shoe brand closely banded with music, more specifically classical music. Such as the brand logo is a French horn and each model has the name of a most famous musician.

Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber is a German musician whose sister is Mozart’s wife. His tutor is Austrian music Joseph Haydn, and he lived in Vienna as his heyday. The most well-known work is Der Freischütz regarded as the first romantic opera in Germany.

There is a sticker at the back of cover, it says DO NOT EAT in many languages.

White print paper with lots of logos.

Wooden shoehorn with craved logo. Shoes are inside of shoe bags.

Velvet feeling shoe bag with golden logo, Mattina has very few weak points as a brand.


Mattina has three lasts till now: C, N and H. C is small round, and the most attractive one by first sight. N is small square toe. H is elongated version of N. If we have to choose one last which is less good looking from beginning, it is last N.

Say we just look at this photo, and used one word to describe last N, it is dumb. All lines are good but not graceful and is the toe too blunt?

The funny thing is when you wear the shoes for the fifth time, suddenly its beauty fully unfolds before your eyes, the elegance is explosive, and N last becomes the favorite.

I think lastmaking of ZHAO Ruoda is one fold, the other is the conservative things sustain.


Cap toe double monk, N is superb no matter which pattern it hosts.

I have an article iterating pattern designs of Mattina and some are amazing some boring. Weber belongs to boring. I certainly know the angle between two buckles is wide, but not too interesting.

Actually it is a small design element on the heel is funny, a short line of decorative stitch.


Welt is a great indicator telling who are the shoemaker. 45 degree edging and fudge is very iconci.

Out Sole

Vibram studded sole. Ground grip is really good.


Judging from the photo, I would say the leather is grinded.


An oval vacant has all the information needed.

Heel has different layers and the rubber layer is not sanded to the same level as others. Heel block is plastic, not wood nor leather.


I have said many times that Mattina is my favorite shoe brand in China. I don’t mean they make the best shoes in China as others certainly do better and charge far more, but as a brand, Mattina is peerless.