Unboxing Half Brogue Charles from Sons of Henrey


I have 10 sets of navy suits, I have tried other colors, patterns, but every time I want to commission new suits, I always choose navy blue. Navy blue is really the first color of gentlemen.


In the eyes of many people, isn’t this a pair of Cap Toe Oxford? Is there a difference with Harvey same from Sons of Henrey? The difference is whether there is a brogue in front of the laces.

So what is the accepted name for this style? The answer is Half Brogue. Actually, I can’t understand this “half”, because if I say Full Brogue, it’s such a pair.

The iconic Full Brogue, Edward Green Malvern

Suddenly it became Wingtip Oxford, one is cap toe, and the other is Wingtip, how can these two be put together to say half and full?

So what is the orthodox name of Harvey’s style? The answer is Punched Oxford.

The iconic Punched Oxford, Sons of Henrey Harvey

I don’t think these names are clear or indicative, and they are only conventional.


Sons of Henrey has four lasts, one of which is exclusive for Loafer, and there are three left, namely Elegant Round, Soft Square and Almond, all of which have been unboxed.

Sons of Henrey George sitting on Almond last

The almond last is also quite interesting, and it is the best-selling last, but I personally like Elegant Round because it is most conservative and traditional.


Sons of Henrey never lets you down on leather.

This is Alpine collection from tannery Annonay. It looks similar to Utah leather from tannery Haas, but if you look closely, you will find that the Utah has obvious stripes, while Alpine is closer to the grain feel.

Compared with the familiar lychee pattern, that is, Hermes’ Togo leather, this texture is more delicate.

Togo leather

The texture of this leather is indeed very suitable for autumn, a season of harvest and abundance.


For the Spanish shoe factory used by Sons of Henrey, there is really not much to find fault on welt.


The soles of these shoes are good and bad.

The bad one is it is not good looking, and the good one is its functionality is wonderful.

To add a layer of rubber on the heel, the texture is the same as the forefoot, I think this way, it is really better to use all the rubber bottom.


A pair of utilitarian half brogue oxfords, the focus, of course, is on this traditional last and upper design, and special leather that is rare on the market!