Unboxing Monk Loafer Stephen from Carlos Santos

Monk shoes have always been considered a kind of loafers, but in China, because people who like dress shoes are more proficient, so this classification has never been accepted.

Monk loafer is to add a buckle to the loafer. Such a design suddenly entered the field of vision in recent years, and Edhen from Italy is the most impressive. But after a period of popularity, there is suddenly no news.

Carlos Santos has a lot of styles, you can look at the catalog, but this one only came out this year.

Let’s see how it feels.


Black and silver, luxury feeling peaks.

Style number 9833, construction Goodyear welted, single leather sole, last 362, size UK4.5. leather remarks DAF which I don’t quite understand.

The text on the lid and the printing paper underneath, I don’t think these are necessary, and it’s not very memorable.

Shoehorn, shoe bag, a small card explaining Goodyear. This set of things may not have changed for many years, whether it is necessary or not, keep it so that it becomes a routine.


The 362 last is Carlos Santos best-selling last in the world, in fact, this loafer last at first glance is just unremarkable, and even if you look at it a few more times, you don’t think it will be particularly impressive.

But the point is, 1) it is really comfortable to wear, and 2) there is no trick, it really has no characteristics, but it is indeed compatible with most clothing.


The key to upper design is definitely this buckle. The apron area uses the sewing feature of Alden 563, which I think does not match the delicate feeling of the pattern.

As for Monk, half of the strip is sewn to the upper leather, and only half can be unfolded, so it is more like a decoration, in fact, the adjustment effect on the instep is almost nothing. I still prefer the design to be functional and useful.

A large piece of T-shaped leather is used on the heel, which is more practical and harmonious than a vertical bandage.


Compared to J.M. Weston which I unboxed, it feels like Carlos Santos has everything, but the fineness is never too impressive.


Check out who is more popular, loafer with such decorative elements or more traditional loafers.