Unboxing Sons of Henrey Best Seller, George with Hatch Grain

Goerge is the first style of Sons of Henrey, and since the brand has survived to this day, it means that this style must be recognized and well received.

George is still the most popular style of Sons of Henrey on StyleForum, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a hit.

In an interview with founder Tom Brone, he also mentioned George as his personal favorite.

I saw the official photos and fell in love with them at a glance, so I ordered this one.


I’ve seen a lot of shoe boxes with all colors and textures, and I am very satisfied with Sons of Henrey’s.

Neatly placed.

The name is George and the style is Split Toe Derby, or Norwegian Seam Derby.

Last is Contemporary Almond. When I see the word contemporary now, I can automatically replace it with the meaning of small toe, or more directly, the taste of Italy.

What else in this large section of the last type says what instep fits and what width it is.

Leather is Russian Hatch Grain from Horween. Basically, when I saw the word Russian I thought of shipwreck leather. The first to replicate this ancient leather is English tannery J. F. Baker using vegetable-tanning, while Horween’s version is chrome-tanned.

I started by thinking about J. F. Baker’s original shipwreck leather, unfortunately the cost is too high, just a pair of shoes leather money to add 150 euros more, this is still the cost price, transmitted to the retail price, it is almost unaccetapble.

Back-up shoelaces, shoe bags and a cloth.


Use this angle to see what it feels like to be called a contemporary almond. It doesn’t feel too sharp, but I’ll give a try-on photo later, and the feeling is completely different.


Sons of Henrey is a brand to follow Edward Green, however, the pattern of George is not a copy of the most iconic Dover, but Hardwick from Crockett & Jones. The latter is much less known but clearly deserves more love.

The difference with Dover is two points: 1) the toe is not reverse stitched; 2) the apron is not pie crust.


Let’s take a closer look at Horween’s so-called shipwreck leather.

It is very easy to identify, just one line by one line. It is similar to Utah leather but with wider texture.

The grease and shine of this skin is really good.


Dainite studded rubber sole, a very mainstream choice, at least among English shoemakers.


This is the best entry-level split toe derby in the eyes of founder Tom Brone, what is your opinion?