Unboxing Very Unusual CS14 from Carlos Santos

This is a pair of my rebellious works, questioned by everyone, and then, sure enough, overturned.

Excited to receive the goods, open the box, see the shoes, and then I am speechless, I reflect on my liking for round toes, whether it is a little perverted.

Let me do the unboxing first, when it comes to the upper design, I will explain the story of this model.


Luxurious black shoe box, sturdy and stated.

The model number is CS14, and I’m not sure if it’s a model introduced in 2014, or maybe the fourteenth model under the brand Carlos Santos.

The leather is aniline, black. Goodyear construction, Handgrade collection, Last 333. Remember this last, all rollovers are caused by it. Size UK5.

A message from Carlos Santos himself on the back of the shoebox lid. A brochure about Goodyear construction, a plastic shoehorn with logo.

Upper Pattern

Let’s show the shoes first, then tell the story.

A pair of black two eyelet plain toe derby. Speaking of the two-eyelet plain toe derby, Corthay Arca is definitely the pinnacle. But this pair does not have any plagiarism, it has completely its own independent style, and it is said that this very forward-projecting ear is a characteristic of Paris, which I have not yet researched.

What’s the problem? It is this rural big round toe, which is really incongruous with this style. It feels like the exquisite French have strayed into the American countryside.

Let’s start by looking at the original propagated by Hugo Jacomet.

Slender and sharp. I can appreciate it, but it’s obviously not my taste.

I’ve always been very hungry for two-eyelet derby, and that desire wasn’t brought by Arca at all, but by a pair of Vintage Crockett & Jones I owned.

The most elegant derby, with last 236, the “bluntest” last in the official expression of Crockett & Jones, is actually incomparably beautiful.

I made up my mind to get the most enchanting derby with the roughest round-toed last.

Carlos Santos has a relatively rounded last for this style.

I still felt too slender, and I like chubby! So I chose the 333 last.

When I placed the order to Carlos Santos, Ana Santos (Carlos Santos’ daughter) asked me twice, Are you sure? This last is used on Country style Brogue Derby.

I double even triple confirmed.

Then, bong! It explodes on my face.

Look at the ears, like a sword piercing into the sky, and the stupidity of the toe, can the beauty and the beast really match?


From this point of view, I think it will definitely be exiled from the field of dress shoes.

The work boots enthusiasts feel that this black lace up is too delicate and not a thing of their taste.

Despised by both sides.

But in terms of the top view, I still have a lot of acceptance, my preference for round toes is too persistent.


Although it is still this golden sole, on this last shape, even the sole gives people a humble feeling, which is a villager wearing a formal dress.

Finally, let’s enjoy the round-toe Parisian villagers.