2023 China Trunk Show, Yearn Shoemaker

The strongest player in the west, a handmade shoe brand from Chengdu, was once again in Shanghai this year and exhibited at the 2023 China Trunk Show.

This is the best shoe photo I’ve seen in a while. Black and white color matching, perfect fusion with panda, the most famous Chinese anaimal and, just in Sichuan, this link is perfect.

And this pair of color-clashing loafers is quite thoughtful.

The use of storm construction makes the welt wider, then the shoes are much rougher, which coincides with the identity of the panda as a bear.

Pebble grain leather in the white area adds a premium texture.

I prefer a casual and relaxed feeling while donning this pair.

This kind of student-like dress fits this color very well.

Looking at this outfit, who would say that dress shoes are serious and unlively?

This pair is a special version, and the store sells champagne color version.

The welt width and feeling return to the normal state of Yearn Shoemaker.

This time the play is on penny strap made of Horween Hatch Grain.

On 2021 China Trunk Show, the crocodile leather loafer with patina was widely sought after by the live audience and foreign readers.

When I saw this pair of panda shoes, I suddenly felt that Yearn Shoemaker was very playful.

We look forward to seeing Yearn Shoemaker and you again on June 22.