Unboxing Double Monk Pony from Yearn Shoemaker/SLIMSHOES

Yearn Shoemaker has gained a lot of attention globally because of its handmade specification and retailer in UK, Arterton. In China, Yearn Shoemaker uses the brand SLIMSHOES to emphasize their shoes are slim looking while generous in fitting. In my opinion, what sets Yearn Shoemaker apart is not that they are handwelted and handstitched, but

Unboxing Thomas from SLIMSHOES/Yearn Shoemaker

SLIMSHOES is the domestic brand of Yearn Shoemaker which is more well known globally. Unlike most shoemakers in this niche market, SLIMSHOES opened mono-brand boutique since the beginning. Two shops locate in premium department stores. This is my first pair of SLIMSHOES/Yearn Shoemaker, let us have a look. Post Views: 1,936