Model Archive – J. M. Weston

Which brand represents French shoes best? Which one is most recognized by Frenchmen? Aubercy? Sorry, not too many even knows this name if not a shoe aficionado. Berluti? Joining LVMH, gains global reputation and great market share and buzz, still not the child of French people. The answer is, J. M. Weston. Post Views: 1,993

Model Archive – Fratelli Giacometti

Founded in 1959, and the current owner are the third generation of the family, Giacometti brothers. If you recognize or are familiar with shoe brands in Japan, Fratelli Giacometti is also well received as classic line. While Walles Club focuses on exotic leathers and Marmolada from the same company makes sporting boots. Post Views: 483

Model Archive – Lastra Signa

The Chinese is 青山闲居, the founder and master shoemaker, Mr. WANG Zhencheng showed his skills on this pair of Shell Cordovan Seamless Wholecut Oxfords. The shoes are almost fully handmade with handwelted and handstitched for 250 USD, and leathers are from great tanneries such as Ilcea Italy and Weinheimer Germany. Post Views: 711