Metropolitan Collection from Oct Tenth

After the owner “plant manager” built the golden team, Oct Tenth was extremely impressive in terms of visual output, and at the same time it launched a fashion-oriented Metropolitan collection, which may not be known to many people. Metropolitan collection is plant manager‘s personal understanding and conception of Oct Tenth shoes, and special shoe lasts,


Mattina是我最欣赏的国内皮鞋品牌,原因,我解释过很多次,它是最完善的成鞋品牌应该有的样子。假如说Oct Tenth是面对玩家的,实现你想要款式的无限开火权及高级手工工艺,那么Mattina就是刚需首选。线下有Roiluxe可以试,产品楦型确定,尺码明确,品控不差,线上买翻车概率也低。 Post Views: 219