Crocodile Tanneries of Hermes

As mentioned earlier, HCP is the Hermès Leather Department, which has a number of tanneries, divided into categories, cowhide, sheepskin and exotic leather. Although exotic leathers include ostrich, lizard, snake skins, etc., the most exciting one is crocodile leather. HCP currently has 4 crocodile leather tanneries. let’s take a look. Post Views: 1,104

Unboxing Rozsnyai Shoes from Hungary

Rozsnyai is a Hungarian brand based in Budapest and focus mainly on MTO. MTM is also offered with a small surcharge. When we talk about Hungarian shoes, Vass is the first into mind. However that Vass gains global reputation largely owes to U and F last developed by Italian master shoemaker Roberto Ugolini. Rozsnyai still