An Interview with Andrea Artioli

Artioli may not be seen around the world, but in shoe lovers’ eyes, they must ocuppy a special place. Its extreme traditional italian style and prestigous customer base are the shinning points.

Very honoured to interview Artioli’s CEO, the third generation of the family, Andrea Artioli.

Could you tell us more about your family’s role in Artioli?

Artioli’s story begins with passion, that of our founder Severino who at a young age in 1912 worked hard to learn the art of shoemaking before establishing his own factory.

Severino Artioli

Severino’s son Vito, my Father, joined the company bringing an air of change, designing new styles and launching the Artioli brand internationally.

Vito Artioli

By the mid 1980’s I entered the company bringing new business approach expanding the products range to include sneakers, belts, bags, luggages and leather jackets.

Andrea Artioli

How do you describe Artioli’s style?

For over a century the label continues to evolve creating innovative models, following harmony and perfection with our characteristic “Artioli style” that is synonyms with elegance, design and good taste.

Speaking about traditional Italian shoes style, there are pointy and very square toes, and Artioli stick to pointy ones, what is the reason?

We do have pointy toes in our elegant collection because we think that for some of the styles, especially for the evening, they are increasing the stylish glamorous look.

No matter whether people like your shoes toes, they all think they are beautiful, why?

I think that all our designs are created with harmony, and they are in a certain way works of art in their own right.

Chinese people think Artioli’s clients are all very wealthy and powerful, in another word, OLD MONEY, is it true?

Oscar Wild once said that “One man should either be a work of art or wear one”. Artioli brand is loved by celebrities, glitterati, head of states.

The luxury of Artioli belongs to all intents and purposes, the connoisseurs around the world are always our fans.

Why we cannot see Artioli everywhere in the world?

We have a limited production that we keep under control in our factory with Masters handcraft which is not possible to increase overtime, that’s why it is not possible to sell everywhere but only in limited places.

Speaking about shoemaking, what is Artioli proud of?

Artioli uses only the finest quality leathers and components, our production features traditional methods improved by technological innovation but keeping faith with handcrafts qualities and perfection.

The feet breathe and comfort is granted by a soft, flexible construction in front of the shoes, together with a moderate arch support and a shock-absorbing heel.

What is the plan for Artioli?

We would like to maintain our craftsmanship over the years and to continue to service the demand for high-end top quality shoes and leather products, for the people appreciating our values.

We would like in our possibility to increase their beauty and elegance, and in the same way their health which is also related to the quality of the shoes that they feet.

How do you feel about Italian shoemaking industry?

The historic production of Italy evolved into a very important industry, the quality and quantity capabilities is unique in the world.

Our position is for a very limited quantity but a very high quality.

Please say something to Chinese shoe lovers.

We are sure that Chinese shoe lovers, who have always been attentive to everything that is magnificent and eternal, can fully appreciate the classic beauty of Italian fashion, but also the avant-garde of contemporaneity and our timeless elegance.