An Interview with William Efe-Laborde

William Efe-Laborde is an independent French bespoke shoemaker living in London. Even France has a very strong culture and community for bespoke crafts, William found this passion in England. We can regard him as self-taught because he doesn’t have any official job or apprentice in those prestigious houses, and this speaks a lot about his


文涛虽然不是鞋匠,但是以修鞋匠的身份,在所有皮鞋爱好者中成为一个不可能忽视的名字。当有人想要换底,鞋头加铁片,贴掌,都不可能不第一时间想到他,因为他的活是干得最细最好的。在2023年,他加入了Oct Tenth团队。 我认为作为宣传缝制鞋/绅士鞋/手工鞋(我最认可第一个,并非强调工艺,而是强调它的耐久和可持续性)的媒体,不是为品牌方摇旗呐喊,或者说哪里有打折信息,始终应落脚到人身上。从业者,消费者,旁观者,才是让一个物品的圈子更加鲜活的主体。 一起来了解文涛的故事。 Post Views: 252

An Interview with Wilbur Tu, Founder of Graziat

Taiwan is not famous for its dress shoe industry, and no shoemakers have been heard of internationally. When it comes to buying shoes, Oakroom is the destination that focuses on selling high-end men’s shoes, and Edward Green is most sought after. The most recognized shoemaker globally is Graziat, which will be introduced today. I had