An Interview with Riccardo Zhang, Co-Founder of Sartoria Dei Solari

The name ZHANG Renjie may not be familiar to you, while the name Riccardo Zhang is actually very active on social media, such as Red. So, what is so special about him? He is the only one of two tailors who has overseas working experience rather than study experience in the field of bespoke suits

An Interview with LI Yao, Co-founder of The Refinery

The Refinery, or TR for short, is arguably one of the most well-known Chinese brands in classic menswear community, and its staple products are not suits. The co-founder LI Yao is considered a pioneer in this domestic consumer field. From the day I liked this category, I have heard the name of TR and the

玩家Resmon Liu专访

刘总是北京的玩家,浪迹于多个群中,因为扫货特别猛(我借他的鞋子,开箱过Foster & Son的自有工厂成鞋),得名刘半墙。不是说他的鞋子堆满半堵墙,是指他买一次鞋子,就堆满半堵墙。然后,又因为对Foster & Son情有独钟,使得Foster & Son出来的日本定制女鞋匠,松田笑子(的鞋子),也是刘总觊觎之物。 相识这么久,也和很多同好聊了这么久,相信大家对Resmon的一定有些好奇,正好借此机会,请刘总赏光。 这是消费者专访的一期。 Post Views: 158

Eric Fan专访

Eric Fan是一位北京的经典男装爱好者,如果说他有什么特别或者叫代表性的话,应该是他任职于金融机构。因为真正有经典男装,或者说西服着装需求的,世界范围内,都集中于法律和金融行业。我知道很多人喜欢调侃穿西服的是房产中介和卖保险的,但有一点不假,经常穿的人,更有可能去琢磨怎么穿(比周围都穿的人)好看。 一起来听听他在这个爱好上的历程。 这是消费者访谈的一期。 Post Views: 150


李渊这个品牌,实际上也有些年头了,而且与国内不少知名店家,都还有些合作。今日的李渊这个品牌,知名度可能还不如曾经,但却自顾打磨中,有了惊人的产品力,更重要的,美学原创性。 非常希望他的作品能被更多人看到,体验到和理解,更多的传播也许能够在国际上也得到认可。 一起看看他的经历。 Post Views: 164

An Interview with German Bespoke Shoemaker Louis Lampertsdörfer, Founder of Mogada

Mogada is a Munich based Germany bespoke shoemaker, I came across its astonishing shoes on Instagram. I didn’t know much about it such as the people behind, the history or its reputation domestically. I shamelessly asked to have an interview to know more, and was warmly welcomed by the founder, Louis Lampertsdörfer. I surprisingly found

An Interview with Vietnamese bespoke shoemaker Lee Trung, aka Ichigoichie Shoemaker

Lee Trung, the Vietnamese bespoke shoemaker, aka Ichigoichie Shoemaker was introduced to me by Instagram KOL Thunder_March, except his shoes are finely made, the artful expression is also impressive. There are several rising Vietnamese bespoke shoemakers, and I feel Lee Trung is very understated but truly enjoying the crafts itself. It is a great honour


悠夏是皮鞋交流群里一位对Carmina非常深耕的爱好者,每次聊到Carmina时,都惊叹他的如数家珍。各种楦型的优劣,尺码选择,都婉婉道来。虽然我接触的品牌比较多,但对于专注的人,总是有种崇敬之感。 非常荣幸可以听他聊聊自己的买鞋之路。 这是纯爱好者专访的一期。 Post Views: 358