An Interview with Wilbur Tu, Founder of Graziat

Taiwan is not famous for its dress shoe industry, and no shoemakers have been heard of internationally. When it comes to buying shoes, Oakroom is the destination that focuses on selling high-end men’s shoes, and Edward Green is most sought after. The most recognized shoemaker globally is Graziat, which will be introduced today. I had

An Interview with CHU Jiahao, Founder of Oct Tenth

I didn’t plan to disclose that he is the president of a bank, since he himself wanted to tell, of course I have no opinion. This is the lightest interview I have ever, on the one hand, his answers are very lighthearted and entertaining, on the other hand, he edited and proofread already to save


独立裁缝,总是让人有非常多的幻想或是崇敬。他们相比于定制店,给人的感觉,更加亲近,然后也没有许多营销或店面成本,那么不管他价格如何,会让你觉得都是付给了给你做东西的人手上,有种心理满足感。国内的独立裁缝肯定也不算少,只是衣服做的确实有自己讲头的,并不多,张潇肯定是第一位。然后曾经南昌的龚师傅(现在龚师傅的状态不明),接下来就是今天的主角,MD吴。MD进入大家视野非常早,得益于七哥的宣传,后来逐渐沉寂,但其实还在孜孜不倦的折磨自己。 看看他悲惨的生活。 Post Views: 330

An Interview with Bespoke Tailor LI Yuan

The brand of LiiYuan has actually been around for some years, and it used to have some cooperation with many well-known stores in China. Strangely, LiiYuan is not as well-known as it once was, but it has amazing offerings (good tailoring) and, more importantly, aesthetic originality. I very much hope that his works can be