Andy Warhol and Berluti Andy

Among the world-famous dress shoe models, two are named after the celebrities the shoes made for. One was the Lazyman that George Cleverley customized for Winston Churchill, which was later launched in Ready to Wear collection and received the name, Churchill, and the other, Andy from Berluti.

Andy is a model made for the American artist Andy Warhol, whether it is bespoke or not, it is not known, What we know is that Andy proposed the shoes he wanted, Berluti made it happen.

I went to a small Andy Warhol art show over the weekend, and I wanted to experience what kind of shoes I would make for this artist if I were a shoemaker.

Andy Warhol’s most famous work is probably this portrait of Marilyn Monroe that he added “patina”. So his artwork, the first impression it makes, is color.

These three are color treatments for different historical figures or photographs, or paintings or sculptures. You can see another way he treats color, that is, by coloring the lines inside, to achieve a more vivid expression.

Andy Warhol is the pioneer of Pop art, which from my personal understanding, Andy Warhol turned advertising, which is a creation to sell goods, into art itself, rather than serving goods.

Therefore, a large number of brands and goods became the main body of his artistic creation.

Donald Duck of Disney.

Paramount and Mobil Oil’s commercials, the middle one isn’t recognized by me.

In addition to the groundbreaking nature of his creative themes, he is even more deviant or innovative in the craft of painting, he likes to copy the same content in large quantities, and absorbs a lot of industrial production thinking. This is completely contrary to the unique thinking of traditional art.

Very famous canned works, reproduced in large quantities.

Is it possible to say that this art form is not only closer to the public in terms of content, but also more accessible in production?

His art is also in line with the rebellion of the 70s, the rise of hippie culture, against tradition, classical art is naturally rejected and his “fast” art rose strongly.

Andy later founded his own company, and 70% of his income was made to make portraits of celebrities, and he was arguably a New York courtesy artist.

Portrait of Ingrid Bergman

For such a folk artist who embraces innovation and colours, what shoes would I make for him?

First of all, sociable and approachable, Loafer and Derby are good, but it is clear that he is a big city animal, so Loafer wins.

Embracing innovation, I might use the Eden half-buckle loafer style.

And his love colours, so I add patina with lines feeling.

Of course, I don’t have a finished product in my hand, and this idea is only a fantasy. Maybe Andy gave Berluti a very clear request at that time which is unknown now.