An Interview with CHU Jiahao, Founder of Oct Tenth

I didn’t plan to disclose that he is the president of a bank, since he himself wanted to tell, of course I have no opinion. This is the lightest interview I have ever, on the one hand, his answers are very lighthearted and entertaining, on the other hand, he edited and proofread already to save

An Interview with Sevan Minasian, the Founder of ClassicShoesForMen

Sven Minasian is a very special gentleman who not only loves donning dress shoes but also collecting dress shoes. I always share a concept that dress shoes are useful art works, and Mr. Minasian’s collection is the cream of the ice. You can visit his website to check a lot of fantastic shoes such

Brief History of Dean Girling

Any shoe enthusiast would recognize the name, as the brand bears his name inside, Gaziano & Girling. The two talented industry veterans founded the brand, Tony Gaziano takes care of design as well as promotion, Dean Girling covers the backstage, which is making and quality control. What is his journey in shoemaking? Post Views: 1,804


很早就知道这家以擦鞋为特色的咖啡店,和主理人,也就是老板,Don在南京见过面,在2021年China Trunk Show上也见过,甚至擦鞋大赛的亚军,也是这家店的擦鞋专业人士。诸多交集,知道上个月,才有幸来到这家国内独一无二的擦鞋咖啡店。 Post Views: 303