How I Think of Bookbinder Leather and How to Care It

Bookbinder leather has the most numerous names among all leathers, take an example, some call it corrected surface leather. Bookbinder is corrected for sure, but corrected surface leather can be other leathers as well. I regard it the lowest leather. The advantage of bookbinder leather is the surface actually is a layer of plastic, nothing

How To Remove Water Stains on Shell Cordovan Leather

How to remove water stains on shell cordovan leather is the question very few meet and ask, but when it happens, apparently there is quite few place to seek solution. This article serves this purpose. Shell cordovan leather is expensive and very sought after which no matter any leather works made of. They are appreciated

Care Shell Cordovan with Venetian Imperial Leather Balm

Venetian is regarded the best shoe conditioner in the world among Americans. While the rest of the world may agree Saphir Renovateur is better. Venetian has an unmatched advantage to Saphir which is tannery Horween officially appoints Venetian Imperial Leather Balm to care its most sought after shell cordovan. Post Views: 1,362


这里用高档这个词,其实只是为了区分一个点,就是中底的材质。固特异只是一个制鞋工艺,和鞋子本身高档不高档没有任何关系,胶粘鞋也可以用很顶级的皮,固特异也可以用来做劳保鞋。 中底是皮的,有更好的排汗和塑形效果,如果经济能力允许,这个参数的选择,是很实在的。 比较在乎成本的固特异鞋,中底会用织物或者纸板(这个说法太简化了)。 有了这个预设,我们来开始精细护理,这个内容是我对皮鞋使用观察日久以后得出的。 我在网上看过很多皮鞋护理的内容,但到这个程度的,我保证没有。 Post Views: 700