Grain Leather and Pighair Brush

What is this little pighair brush for? It’s for applying shoe cream. I learned this from John Lobb’s official videos about shoe care. However, when I actually cream my shoes or purse, I use a cotton cloth more often.

Applying cream with this brush will put more than needed on the leather. The purpose is to saturate the leather to absorb the pigmented cream, and for the remnant, it will be brushed off to completely replenish the colour.

So, is there another use of this brush? There is, and it’s something I didn’t realise until I had a problem with.

This bag is made of grained leather called Togo, and you can see the white stuff at the bottom of the grains, where those textures are. What is it? That’s wax, leather care product residue that’s dried up. That’s what cotton cloth can’t handle.

This little pighair rush is ready to make an appearance.

Why choose pighair brush over horsehair brush? Because pighair is stiffer and better able to go deeper into the grain.

When using it, remember to press hard inwards and then brush it back and forth.

The temperature created by the friction of brushing back and forth is what will bring that wax out better.

The right is brushed and the left is unbrushed. I don’t know if this photo is clear. The texture on the right is clean and the texture on the left is white.

The same applies to grained leather, such as Scotch Grain shoes.

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