My Shoe Collection, Hermes

Hermès shoesis made by an Italian mystery shoe factory which is still unknown to most people, how about the quality of the shoes?

Let us have a check.


I put this pair alongside with a pair of Allen Edmonds Stuttgart to see the difference of last, this pair of Hermes is slightly more elongated. And the round toe is so classic that it can be regarded as a conservative English one.


Short wingtip derby.


Stitches on the welt are neat, sturdy and close to the uppder.


Although the creases are fine enough, but coating seams obvious and pores are covered somehow.

This place, where wrinkles are least likely to occur, can be used to check the initial state of the leather. Leather fibre is not tight enough.


The quality of this mysterious shoe factory is good, but the leather quality is not so impressive.