My Shoe Collection, Santoni

Santoni cannot be regarded as classic shoe brand any longer as it moves aggressively in high fashion. But for some experienced shoe lovers, Santoni still stands for very good quality shoes. I love reading comments from these forerunners, and generated strong interest with Santoni. Santoni has two collections admired by shoe enthusiast community, one is

My Shoe Collection, Sahara 3 from Church’s

The desert boots are the second pair of boots for men right after Chelsea boots. Under today’s wave of casualization, the more relaxed desert boots are more suitable for overall outfits, and the shoes themselves will not give people the delicate and sharp feeling of Chelsea when viewed separately. The originator of desert boots, Desert

My Shoe Collection A2127 from Lottusse

Lottusse is a shoe factory in Spain with great heritage, the year 1877 under the trademark is not false. In the 90s, Yanko was the super master of Spanish shoemaking, and now Carmina and Meermin under the Pujas family are in full swing. TLB Mallorca is also unstoppable. With some many competitors and newcomers, Lottusse

My Shoe Collection, Loafer from Brooks Brothers

For people who like dress shoes, what will come to mind when mentioning Brooks Brothers’ shoes? Naturally it’s the very historical brand, Peal & Co, bought back from the UK which was a bespoke shoemaker and released ready to wear collection made by Crockett & Jones. Without Peal & Co logo on sock lining, there

My Shoe Collection, Chetwynd from Church’s

Church’s is a pathetic brand in the classic dress shoe community because it is so despised for its unreasonable price and pitiful bookbinder leather under the Prada Group. As a shoe brand in England with wonderful heritage, Church’s now has many shoes made in Italy and with Blake Construction we can find it how funny.

My Shoe Collection, M104 from James Taylor & Son

James Taylor & Son is the bespoke shoemaker in England, however this pair is not bespoke but Goodyear welted in China. The history I have written about the founder ZHANG Dong and the interview with current owner of James Taylor & Son. In this article, we only focus on the shoes. The shoes are actually

My Shoe Collection, Cascade from J.FitzPatrick

This pair is a special MTO which stubbornly implant my taste on J.FitzPatrick, and the same behavior happened to Carlos Santos as well. The merit is to make every pair of shoes rounder and rounder to counterattack the sharp and elongated mainstream taste. The original Cascade designed by Justin looks like this: Post Views: 211