My Shoe Collection, Mister

This brand was introduced separately that an Almansa classic shoe factory went down the evil road. It’s not my worst shoe, but it’s a very interesting pair of shoes.

A pair Full Brogue Wingtip derby shoes.

The last is not ugly, but the sole makes the entire periphery of the shoe wider. Originally this full brogue, it is relatively rustic, and metal laces holes have a more rigid feeling.

The rubber sole is very soft. There is a stitching channel, but the density makes me feel these stitches are faux.

Look at the welt, the stitches are so fake. Based on the outsole and welt, I guess that this must be a pair of cemented shoes.

Because of the softness, it is actually quite comfortable to wear, with a sense of stepping on shit due to very soft rubber sole. After I wore it for a long time, I one day glanced at its leather.

The upper leather is really good. With such a good leather to make a pair of cemented shoes? I took a closer look at the sole again.

The waxed stitches look pretty decent, although the density is not that impressive. So, is it sewn or glued? We can only go to the inner sole to find out.

The edge of the sole was torn and I found the stitches! The spacing of each stitch is the same as on the outsole! This is a pair of Blake stitched shoes.

What makes these shoes interesting to me is that they are in fact stitched but with the crappiest fake welt stitches so that everyone thinks it’s cheap. Actually, they are not so inferior.