My Shoe Collection, Yanko

I used to think this brand is Russian, but in fact, it was the most dominant giant in Spanish shoemaking industry.


Yanko story was covered and its factory now also host the production of TLB Mallorca. So you bet its quality is not bad.

Let us check my pair.

Last and Pattern

A brown longwing with Storm welt construction. The toe is very round but still away from American.


The function of storm welt is to prevent water entering in. But the most impressive part of this pair is the match of stitches and fudge.

This detail is the holy grail of machine-made shoes, so many brands are still working on it relentlessly, however, Yanko has achieved it long ago without a sweat.


Although it is open channeled, the groove is so deep and the stitches are well protected from wear.

The full rubber heel sole is not so common in European shoes, but Americans love this.


Pebble grain and scotch grain leathers are wonderful for country shoes, and longwing is definitely one. The grain seems very shallow, but the creases are good.


Yanko makes good shoes, period.