Stitches on Midsole

Warning: this article is for most determined enthusiasts, anyone else may find it boring.

There are stitches on the midsole, what does it mean? 99% of the time, the construction is Blake, Bolognese or Blake Rapid.

Blake Rapid construction, although easy to understand, is used by very few manufacturers, even in Italy. When I looked at various brands of shoes in various countries, I noticed that some brands in South America use this process.

The purpose of there stitches is to connect midsole and outsole (or middle layer between in case of Blake Rapid).

So what is the 1% case?

It’s that the shoes are still Goodyear welted but Gemming is not only glued but also stitched to midsole.

This reinforcement process can be completed on the preparation of midsole.

In theory, this reinforcement has the advantage that Gemming will not fall off even glue fails.

It’s just that Gemming fails only after resoling for several times, at that time, even if Gemming does not fall off, the part sewn together along the strip may have rotted.


We may stop here, but a Japanese blogger discovered a new midsole situation.

Close channel midsole!

Close channel outsole is very common now, but on midsole I see the first time.

The method is not difficult, making groove on the midsole, after sewing, the skin on both sides is pressed back and covered.

It looks like something that originally had no stitches on it, and in the end, there were no stitches (not visible).