Soft and Breathable Insole?

Goodyear welted shoes normally use vegetable tanned leather as the insole. The benefit is that the forefoot has better air permeability, which is the embodiment of the hygroscopicity of vegetable tanned leather. What’s the downside? Vegetable tanned leather is relatively hard, especially true for new shoes, so many people who are new to Goodyear welted

Introducing new technical details of handmade shoes

We have seen, or described, three details on Maftei shoes, namely wood pegging construction, seamless wholecut and seamless heel. Seamless wholecut has certainly seamless heel, but all his models have seamless heel. A seamless heel can create a cleaner and more refined finish, and its difficulty lies on lasting. I will Introduce the other two


鞋垫,也分为全垫和半垫,全垫好理解,就是从鞋头到后跟,都是完整的一个鞋垫,在大多数人的经历中,鞋垫不就应该是全垫吗?运动鞋也好,你鞋子大了,单独去买鞋垫也好,肯定都是全垫吧。 半垫,事实上,在缝制性领域,尤其是机器固特异领域,是主流。 前掌,就是大家一眼能看进去的植鞣革,那么后跟是什么样呢?我想绝大部分人都没见过。 Post Views: 676