The Family Business of Maftei

There is a boutique in South Korea, Shoe Fever, which collaborated with Maftei. It is said that every time the shoes arrived in the store, all were sold within a week.

The founder, Alexandru Maftei, fled to Austria from Romania. After successfully breaking through the world in Austria and gaining the recognition of many high-class customers, he still remembered his birthplace and sent his nephew, Radu Moraru, to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, to open a Maftei bespoke shop. The shop is located in Dr. Avenue Louis Pasteur.

Maftei is a family business, as the founder, Alexandru Maftei, is a recognized master shoemaker and the executor of many important customers.

Her wife, Lucia, Radu’s aunt-in-law, met Alexandru Maftei when she was working at Rudolf Scheer & Sohne, Austria’s most prestigious bespoke shoe store, and is currently the manager of the company, and an artist in Patina.

Radu’s wife, Dana, also currently works at Maftei’s bespoke shop in Romania.

Although Romania used to be the most important shoemaking center in the whole Central Europe, there are not many craftsmen in this industry now, and Maftei’s presence in this place has made Maftei synonymous with Romanian bespoke dress shoes.

Brazilian artist Juliano Lopes is Maftei’s loyal client, and he created a series of paintings for Maftei.

Alexandru Maftei
Radu is trialing
Radu at the storefront of Romanian shop

Currently, in addition to Central Europe, Russia is also where Alexandru often visits.

Sir Henry Royce, the founder of Rolls-Royce, once said, “Good quality can make people forget about price”, and Maftei’s goal is not to tell people that shoes are good by their price, but to make people feel respected by showing the whole process of creating bespoke dress shoes.

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