Unboxing 4 pairs of Enzo Bonafe

It is not precise to call this unboxing as I don’t even have a shoe box, however I definitely reviewed four new pairs of Enzo Bonafe.

What happened? Keep reading

One shoe in one shoe bag.

Three shoes in three shoe bags.

Four shoes in four shoe bags.

So I would unbox two pairs, right? Wrong! The answer is four shoes.

Penny Loafer, Five eyelets split toe derby, Short Ankle Chelsea and Chelsea boots.

Enzo Bonafe has official distributor in China, which is the leading shoe select shop Roiluxe and these four shoes were sent by them for review.

I own one pair of Aubercy which is made by Enzo Bonafe, so my experience about this brand is understated but quality shoes.

These four pair selected by Roiluxe are quite interesting that each has unique leather.

Penny loafer uses Utah leather from tannery Haas, Split toe derby uses Pin grain leather from Annonay, Low Ankle Chelsea uses black boxcalf and Chelsea dark brown boxcalf.

The production volume of Enzo Bonafe is not high, historically, it made shoes for Brioni. Currently it only makes shoes under the name of Aubercy except its own brand.

Italian shoemaker Antonio Meccariello once remarked “If you have anything unsure, go to ask Enzo”. He sought Enzo Bonafe’s help on shell cordovan wholecut shoes indeed.

As an Italian brand, Enzo Bonafe is on the conservative end for years. The most Italian one in these four shoes is the split toe derby. The stitches of apron and split toe is quite rough.

Aesthetics of Enzo Bonafe is a good combination of Italian and English.

Last wise, Chelsea has a narrow sharp round toe, Low Ankle Chelsea reminds me Aubercy, split toe derby and penny loafer share very Italian lasts.

Among these four shoes, I love this low ankle Chelsea the most, not because of its ankle height, but the last.

Both sides have very vertical lines which lasts of Aubercy and Corthay love to show.

Craftsmanship, Enzo Bonafe is choice of value. Not on specification, but its fame, leather quality, handwelted construction all combined, Enzo is a price killer.

Enzo Bonafe is the best value Handwelted shoes in Europe, and the job has done very understated. You don’t find showoff things on Enzo Bonafe shoes.

Stitches on welt are covered by layers of wax. The welt is very narrow, and fudge is fine, very exquisite.

Heel gap is decent.

This penny loafer is most Italian due to the last. It is very classic and well received globally, however not appreciated by current enthusiasts.


Enzo Bonafe is not the most popular Italian shoe brand with great reputation, but its quality and understatement tick me.

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