My Shoe Collection, Sinatra from Gaziano & Girling

Sinatra is one of the most popular models offered by Gaziano & Girling, but I read most apprecaite Sinatra for its iconic small square toe last TG73, not for its Wholecut pattern.

This may be a compliment for Tony Gaziano’s unmatchable talent of making last.

Let us check my pair.


Square toe is not so rare nowadays, however the sharp corner of TG73 is not easy to find from other makers. Even the turn seems aggressive, the overall feeling is still well proportioned.


Wholecut oxford seldom has significant design elements, nor does Sinatra.


I have seen enough pairs of Gaziano & Girling and worn so long of mine, I think I can tell whether the shoes are from Gaziano & Girling or not by seeing its leather, it is very unique, super fine crease with easily found coating.

Creases on right pair is top level.

Left pair sees slightly coarse creases, but still at a very high quality.

Generally speaking, leather quality of Gaziano & Girling is stable and reliable.

Lining leather is mentioned by some brand, especially new ones, the quality can be varied, and Gaziano & Girling use the very fine calf. I witness the lining leather on Crockett & Jones is obviously inferior.


I highly doubt this pair was the very early batches of Gaziano & Girling ready to wear shoes because its craftsmanship is too good and cannot be seen on today’s shoes.

Firstly, the sole is thin, and the welt stitches are fine, I even cannot easily tell whether the stitches match the fudge.

“Broken Heel“ as we Chinese call it, the joint between waist and heel is purposely undercut which is an element only seen in bespoke shoes.

Eiji Murata Bespoke set a great example.

Gaziano & Girling officially announced this element can only be found in its Deco Collection but Chinese shoemaker Oct Tenth made it much more accessible.

Quality Issue

The shoes have been worn for more than 5 years, and the stacked heel seemed to lose off. I can infer the glue is not performing well.

Welt and outsole see clear gap and I am not so sure it is the problem of glue or welt stitches.


Magnificent craftsmanship with unsatisfactory quality. Anyway, Sinatra stting on TG73 last is truly a masterpiece and iconic.

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  1. 一直都喜欢gg,很大部分的原因是见证了gg的成长,并且参与其中:最早是去Tony家的小地下室买鞋,然后通过bespoke english的老头收了一些,然后在美国的paul stuart和ralph lauren买到,再然后就是去gg的伦敦店。最早喜欢gg,原因很简单,在相同质量下,GG比EG更“有趣”,让我愿意在非工作需要的前提下主动去穿皮鞋而不是运动鞋。然而,近两年却很少去买GG了,因为现在的GG不是我以前所喜欢的,比如说deco楦,虽然说deco楦商业上的成功让Tom住上了高档住宅,开上了小跑,但是如同付佬所说,美学上不认可deco。

    1. 非常有深度。商业上的确很成功。而且很多品牌刚出来时,并不是目前高高在上的状态。GG品控不算好。潮流来来去去,经典的,不随波逐流的我更喜欢。

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