Unboxing Butterfly Loafer New from Carlos Santos

Everyknow knows what New means, however the model name is a tribute to New & Lingwood.

New & Lingwood, a British menswear brand, has been introduced by myself that its bespoke service was handled by George Cleverley, not the brand, but George Cleverley himself. There are almost all categories of clothing, but the more recognizable and differentiated should be dressing gowns.

Nowadays, New & Lingwood Ready to Wear collection are basically made by Crockett & Jones, but the configuration is different from Crockett & Jones, neither Benchgrade nor Handgrade.

New & Lingwood does not have a very extensive collection, and the most received are Punched Cap Toe Oxford:

And butterfly loafer with perforated apron.

And this pair of Carlos Santos New is a tribute to these butterfly loafers.

Let us check out what is the difference.


The stiff black shoe box, consistent is the best state of a brand.

Style number 1798, black aniline leather, Goodyear construction, leather sole, 362 last and Size UK4.5.

Carlos Santos’ width is very generous, people like me who wear John Lobb 5E fit UK4.5 of Carlos Santos.

On the back of the box lid is a thank you letter written by Carlos Santos himself.


If my memory serves me well, Carlos Santos has 5 loafer lasts, of which the 450 last, which completely imitates J.M. Weston 180, the other few are imitating Alden’s, only the 362 last is the most original.

I think last 362 is French Ivy style, that is, in some angles it is rough and blunt, but some angles are a little too delicate.

Butterfly loafers with a brogue apron. The hole size on the apron is the key to its aesthetics.

One thing is different from the original New & Lingwood, that is the two pieces of the butterfly are narrower, and the overall position is forward.

Whether it looks good or not, I think it’s will be got used to it, but it has very high practical value. That is, Butterfly Loafer pressed instep badly.

Hawthorne from J.FitzPatrick is the first butterfly loafer I encounter, I cannot even put my feet into the shoes due to the instep is too low.

Narrowing and moving forward are all about making the shoe more comfortable, which is the same as Carlos Santos’ last is wider, and the core concept is the same.

The seam on the heel is what I have always paid attention to, and the exquisite line is a delicate design.


Craftsmanship of Carlos Santos is not very impressive, and it can be said that this brand puts most of its focus on comfort and happy to wear. This has been verified by many people.

The leather sole is relatively thick, with knurling on the heel and then an engraving.


It’s a fun style that I like.