Unboxing Button Boots Westlake from J.FitzPatrick

After seeing so many shoe brands, I still feel J.FitzPatrick has the best designs. The great brands such as Corthay,Berluti and Stefano Bemer all have wonderful designs but they all seem too experimental and avant garde. J.FitzPatrick always gives you unexpected aha moment, and when you think over of it, you feel the design is still confined in the classic menswear sphere.

Button boots which I have covered times are something popular in 1900s. They were created by bespoke bootmaker by the request of customers. In the Ready To Wear world, Aubercy is a one who inherits and keeps making this model, then Enzo Bonafe who indeed makes Aubercy shoes releases some. Another one is from Japan, Perfetto, however the offering is not long lived. Only J.FitzPatrick makes these conventional models lively and dandy again.

In my first batch of J.FitzPatrick shoes, a pair of great colour combination button boots, Grandview was inside. But its destiny is quite depressing because very few people can hold it.

Then I dropped button boots for the later several orders.

But every time I glanced the catalogue of J.FitzPatrick, the various button boots always caught my eyes and squeezed my heart. In the end I gave up to resist the call and order another model in green colour!

Several months passed, one customer inquired whether I have boots other than the Tweed Balmoral Boots, David. I told yes, I did remember I ordered some, but was not very clear how they look like. I found the photos in the order and shared with customer. He was silent thereafter and I wanted to slap myself hard because the colour is even more daring than the previous one.

There is not room for regretting, let us march on.


Everyone applauds for this watermelon red shoe box, bright and lovely. Carmina’s shoe box is also red in general, but burgundy in fact. Bright red is not easy to handle but J.FitzPatrick’s is quite good.

The shoe bags are quite thick with double layers of cotton which provide great shock absorption.


Plain toe button boots with medallion, six buttons, forest green calf combines with grey Donegal tweed. The model name is Westlake.

Button boots never stand behind the crowd and demand first class attention always, and green shoes are also so rare and saluted every time they hit the street. You can imagine how this pair of button boots receive their appreciation. Green is not an easy colour to match and this grey does well.

Profile emphasizes the variation of Balmoral boots. Balmoral has the straight line from throat to heel back and Justin put the logo line of J.FitzPatrick to replace the conventional straight line.



TMG, the contemporary round toe was my favorite among J.FitzPatrick lasts, and this time I try the square toe last, LPB. The elongation is more pronounced while harmony with the wider toe which beams strong power.


Normally this section is called leather, however this pair was made of different materials, so upper is used.

Green colour is not even popular on lady’s bags, not to mention men’s dress shoes. This forest green looks quite pure and attractive.

Fabric around ankle looks like canvas far away, when look close, you can find it is actually Donegal tweed. There is consideration behind this material combination as the ankle area does not have too much wear or abrasion, so wool fabric is good enough to endure.


To accommodate all weather territory, I choose city rubber sole for boots offerings. The outsole is branded and has unique design.


No matter it is pattern design or last, the aesthetics is impeccable, however whether colour green is well received is good or not.

Back to the discussion with influencer ENP on Bilibili (Chinese Youtube), if the brand only follows trend without its unique products, what is the point of its existence?

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  1. 之前特價時買了一雙JF line的靴子, 就算是jf line也是比一般同價位的country boots好看, 就是皮有點薄

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