上次有人在我文章下留言,说JFP是网红垃圾品牌。我给他点赞了。原因是在我眼里,JFP这个品牌的性价比确实不高。而且,当我骂真正的网红垃圾Baudoin & Lange时,我也希望别人给我点赞,哈哈哈。 我和创始人Justin FitzPatrick也聊过,他也很无奈,现在欧洲的能源成本上升,带来原材料等等一系列的上升,他不得不提高售价。到了消费者这里,就变成价格确实太高了。 曾经西班牙产的鞋子,和英国产的鞋子比,性价比异常的高,到了JFP这,差价还有,但从以前的小2000变成现在的1000,确实让人如鲠在喉。 Post Views: 187

My Shoe Collection, Cascade from J.FitzPatrick

This pair is a special MTO which stubbornly implant my taste on J.FitzPatrick, and the same behavior happened to Carlos Santos as well. The merit is to make every pair of shoes rounder and rounder to counterattack the sharp and elongated mainstream taste. The original Cascade designed by Justin looks like this: Post Views: 607

Unboxing Butterfly Loafer Hawthorne from J.FitzPatrick

J.FitzPatrick is the best designed middle range shoe brand in the market, and it has two signature features, one is clashing colours and textures on a pair of shoes or boots, the other is to bring the antique models back to modern age, such as button boots and Butterfly Loafer just like this model, Hawthorne.