Unboxing Butterfly Loafer Hawthorne from J.FitzPatrick

J.FitzPatrick is the best designed middle range shoe brand in the market, and it has two signature features, one is clashing colours and textures on a pair of shoes or boots, the other is to bring the antique models back to modern age, such as button boots and Butterfly Loafer just like this model, Hawthorne.

Unboxing Kennewick from J.FitzPatrick

J.FitzPatrick is never a boring brand, no matter who is copying who, J.FitzPatrick never participates this game. Originality is the ACE of this brand, of its founder Justin FitzPatrick. Kennewick is a relatively new model among J.FitzPatrick offerings and it is so antique that I fell in love with. Let us have a look. Post


哈哈哈,这个名字是不是超级长。但是确实这个鞋款,独家奉上。靴子除了切尔西来说,我觉得都太休闲或者户外或者运动了,和我的服装不太匹配。但是在服装休闲化的浪潮下,嘿,潮男都穿靴子的好吗? Justin本人,对于登山城市靴这个设计,非常自豪。这名字也很搞笑对吧,什么都登山又城市的,城市里面怎么登山。简单来说,就是把登山靴细腻化,精致化。这其实也算是一种跨界的理念吧。第一次看到,虽然谈不上多么喜欢,但觉得确实独特。而Justin也把这作为J.FitzPatrick这个品牌的标签之一,另一个是古老鞋子现代化,比如蝴蝶乐福,比如排扣靴/鞋。 Post Views: 108

Unboxing Cap Toe Oxford Magnolia from J.Fitzpatrick

J.FitzPatrick is not famous for its classic and conservative models, however it doesn’t mean J.FitzPatrick does not offer these wardrobe staples. If you have to pick up the most boring model in J.FitzPatrick lineup, Magnolia wins without any opponent in the sight. But how boring is this model? Let us have a check. Post Views: