My Shoe Collection, Cascade from J.FitzPatrick

This pair is a special MTO which stubbornly implant my taste on J.FitzPatrick, and the same behavior happened to Carlos Santos as well. The merit is to make every pair of shoes rounder and rounder to counterattack the sharp and elongated mainstream taste. The original Cascade designed by Justin looks like this: Post Views: 436

Unboxing Butterfly Loafer Hawthorne from J.FitzPatrick

J.FitzPatrick is the best designed middle range shoe brand in the market, and it has two signature features, one is clashing colours and textures on a pair of shoes or boots, the other is to bring the antique models back to modern age, such as button boots and Butterfly Loafer just like this model, Hawthorne.

Unboxing Kennewick from J.FitzPatrick

J.FitzPatrick is never a boring brand, no matter who is copying who, J.FitzPatrick never participates this game. Originality is the ACE of this brand, of its founder Justin FitzPatrick. Kennewick is a relatively new model among J.FitzPatrick offerings and it is so antique that I fell in love with. Let us have a look. Post