Unboxing Chelsea Boot Kent from Carlos Santos

There are too many articles explaining what Chelsea boot looks like and what is the history, let us drop it and go to unboxing directly.


Look at the information on the side, 7902 is the model number, leather is crust calf, and colour is Braga patina. Goodyear construction, the last is 401 and Size UK7.5.

Remove the lid the shoes were seen.

The patina is really eye-catching. I don’t like patina and there are many brands in China like patina but cannot make it at a good level.

There is a sense of harmony and sharpness between straight lines and curves expressed by the curve of arch.


The 401 last on Cap Toe Oxford is a bit slender for my aesthetic, but on Chelsea, everything is right and deserves the word beautiful. In every angle, it is flawless.


The unique design point of this shoe is where the leather seams of the front half and the back half of the shoe are.

Not to mention the seamless Chelsea, the most common Chelsea seam is directly below the elastic band, while Carlos Santos Kent is on one corner and has a downward 45 degree. At the same time, the elastic band area has changed from rectangular to a special-shaped trapezoid.

It can be said that this design point is completely recognizable at a glance that this is a pair of Chelsea from Carlos Santos.

The same is true on the outside. For the seams of leather, in a practical sense, it is to reduce the difficulty of lasting and improve the utilization rate of leather, but based on this premise, it is possible to turn them into aesthetic design elements.


For this Braga patina, the overall feeling is particularly translucent, not because of the waxing of the shoes, but the color itself.


Open channel Goodyear construction and heel is ordinary. The trademark is clear and centered.


The welt width and the angle of sanding is very recognizable, I think it is always a plus for narrow welt. It is not clear whether the difficulty or control of manufacturing increases costs.


Beautiful and gorgeous Chelsea boots.

I gradually understand why Carlos Santos has been recognized by the majority of European and American consumers: the quality is stable and reliable, the details do not disappoint, and the ingenuity of the design. First look at the color/patina, the second look at the innovative design.

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  1. 個人覺得鞋型弄得不錯 不過腰部那一條疤看了很礙眼(應該是成本考量用超過一張皮)

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