Unboxing Chukka Boots Ambley from Sons of Henrey

A short introduction about Sons of Henrey first.

First of all, it is a Belgian brand because the founder, Tom Brone, is Belgian and has his office in Belgium.

Secondly, the shoes are made in Spain and share the same factory with many brands, including but not limited to J.FitzPatrick, Cobbler Union, Lof & Tung and Septieme Largeur.

Finally, the lasts were developed by Springline in the UK, and the upper design was made by Tom himself. The brand concept, Timeless Elegant, from the way I look at the shoes, is to imitate Edward Green.

The biggest selling point of Sons of Henrey is actually the leather. At this price point, you can’t get better leather.

Check out this pair.


Bright navy box with fine texture.

The label on the side of the shoe box has the information of the shoe, which is less clear than Carlos Santos’s.

44606 is the numerical code for the style Ambley.

A long description is leather, I can only read the color is Ebony.

Shoe bags and a piece of cloth are another basic and versatile color for men, gray.

This color combination is wonderful.

Everyone knows this is the color combination of Men’s Uniform, but when it comes to the color of shoe boxes and bags, I saw only this one.


Timeless, as I interpret it, is probably traditional and conservative British style. This round toe is not in line with the current trend but I love.


A pair of three-eyelets Chukka boots.

The colour is very rich.

The colour Ebony is a kind of dark brown.

Chukka’s most obvious design element is the shape of two ears. If Carlos Santos Charlie is the sharpest style, then Ambley are at the rounded end.

The imitation was naturally Edward Green’s Banbury, but Ambley was a little more rounded.


This very fine leather, which has a strip-like texture, is the famous Utah leather. It was originally used on bags.

I own a Louis Vuitton briefcase made of this leather.

It is Edward Green that introduced this leather into dress shoes.

I don’t think that the beauty of Utah leather is well displayed on Edward Green Dovers. Because Utah has to be large to look good, and Dover are made of too many pieces. These chukka boots with plain toe and two big ears both show the texture of Utah skin in a large area, which I think is beautiful.


It’s the details that blow my mind. Sons of Henrey’s lining and sock lining have always been light colour, but this pair of inner lining leather and insole, all replaced with matching the upper color.


Buy this brand, you can interpret it as an Edward Green affordable alternative, and the leather worth your fare.

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  1. 個人覺得chukka要有點圓頭穿起來比較合適, 之前買過rain/348這種方頭的靴子 搭配牛仔褲都有點怪怪的

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