Unboxing Eccentric Double Monk 1611 from Carlos Santos

What are the characteristics of a Portuguese brand? To be honest, there are not many Portuguese brands in fashion industry, the only one I can think of is Massimo Dutti. What are the characteristics of Carlos Santos? The only thing people all agree is patina. Why does Carlos Santos like patina? Of course, consumers like it, but each brand has gone through some route to today’s status. For example, many select shoe shop launched their own brand (private lable), basically by the influence of the store’s best-selling brand and style. Carlos Santos’ love for patina comes from France as it made private label for many French shoe brands. In addition, those French brands have extremely avant-garde pattern designs in the world.

This double buckle Monk is the madness from a certain French shoe brand and was soon buried in the stacks of history. I came across it occasionally and thought isn’t the restoration the most interesting thing ever?


In the entire dress shoe industry, black shoeboxes are rare probably because they are too formal and powerful.

Look at the information on the side. I’ve never been sure whether Carlos Santos’ style numbers are in the order of when they appear. If they are, this pair was designed very early. But I’ve seen three digits once or twice, and I’m not sure why there are so few three digits. The leather is crust leather, Norte is a navy blue patina color. Blue shoes are relatively rare, and you can say they are a little high-profile. The only outfit I can think of is navy suits with navy shoes. Any other outfit will make navy shoes eye-catching. I’ve had many pairs of Carlos Santos shoes and seen a lot of lasts, and this round toe 397 is my favorite. Size UK4.5. UK4.5! Well, you read it right.


Such a classic big round toe and the official says last 397 is an almond toe. Am I misunderstanding almond, or Carlos Santos misunderstanding almond? Cap toe makes the last rounder and shorter visually.


Rather than a double-buckle monk, it is a bandage monk!

The vast majority of Monk, whether single or double buckle, whether the direction is perpendicular to the toe, or backward like John Lobb’s Chapel, whether the buckle direct opening is large or small, is a whole piece of leather from the inner foot to outer and then separate to the two sides. And this pair of Bandage, when it comes out from the inner, it is already two. It is very fashionable.

This design element does not stop here, look at the top of the tongue, the two pieces are open, I have seen this element in French brand Heschung which started as ski shoemaker. I think this element has a relatively strong sports characteristic in it.


The stitch density is just higher than English peers such as Crockett & Jones Benchgrade, not very impressive and functionally enough. Welt is edged and from top view the welt looks narrower.


Outsole of Carlos Santos is also painted. That knurling on the waist is a point that Italian brands care a lot about, but British and Spanish brands do not.


Bandage Monk, which is creating a whole new segmentation category.