Carlos Santos核心切尔西靴Kent开箱

很多人可能不太了解Carlos Santos的官网,其实并没有很多现货,因为它主要走的各个国家的经销商,或者买手店模式。于是Carlos Santos的官网上,款式一点也不多,和它实际上推出过的鞋款相比,九牛一毛,但是,有两个款式,是印象深刻, 永远有货的,那就是便士乐福Elliot(编号9176)和切尔西靴Kent(编号7902)。 Post Views: 343

我的鞋之Carlos Santos 1611 Bandage

这双鞋是Carlos Santos为付沛鞋店推出的特别款式,和那双蝴蝶乐福New一样。 这双鞋玩家属性极强,鞋面设计是大众最容易看到的点,但也是经典男装里比较难把握度的地方,尤其是往独特性方向走时。 一起看看这双做的如何。 Post Views: 275

An Interview with Japanese Bespoke Shoemaker Nobuaki Fujisawa

The founder of shoe brand Floriwonne, Nobuaki Fujisawa, was born in Japan with the nickname Fg-trente, of which the meaning is color magician. There is no doubt that Nobuaki is the first and best shoe patina artist, the Japanese male version of Olga Berluti. Most people think finishing especially patina is an addon for bespoke

Unboxing Eccentric Double Monk 1611 from Carlos Santos

What are the characteristics of a Portuguese brand? To be honest, there are not many Portuguese brands in fashion industry, the only one I can think of is Massimo Dutti. What are the characteristics of Carlos Santos? The only thing people all agree is patina. Why does Carlos Santos like patina? Of course, consumers like

My Shoe Collection, J.M.LeGazel

I name this pair Day Starsky. J.M.LeGazel is a French shoe brand which has mono brand boutiques in Paris and New York. Their shoes are actually made by Portuguese shoemaker Carlos Santos, patina is done inhouse. There is one patina artist who studied here, Greg Park “Hancore” who operates independently now and has cooperation with