Unboxing Tassel Loafer from Badia

Before the round penny loafer, tassel loafer is the best seller of Badia, let us have a look at why.


The logo of Badia is windwheel, a lovely thing, and the logo is vertically placed on the cover which is unique in the market.

Side sticker is big but the information may not be very useful to customers. BLO means Badia LOafer. Last L, I suspect it means Loafer last. Size 39, leather box calf, colour BLack, the latter two are clear and straightforward.

Remove the cover, a small pamphlet and shoe bags. The material and colour of the shoe bags are not so impressive.


Fine round toe but with clear sleek and maybe long proportion. Room for forefoot is enough and transition from toe to widest location is smooth.

The curve from toe box to sole is beautiful, not too sharp neither too blunt.

This angle is talking about the dimension mentiond by JIANG Daoyuan, the founder of Badia and a bespoke shoemaker. The room of this shoe is very generous while the outline still exquisite.


A low vamp tassel loafer. Tassel loafer is very interesting as many regard it as feminine while others feel only the real men, as powerful as bankers can handle this model. Low vamp exposes more skin of instep which is really a test on wearer’s confidence.

The strip is braided which is a good design element and seen on other brands, and it strikes from the edge of opening to the center of upper instep.


If Badia’s last is not so sleek and slender, I would love to own one pair of this tassel loafer.