An Interview with JIANG Daoyuan, Founder of Badia

I’m afraid that many people are not familiar with this name, but his experience in shoemaking, among domestic shoemakers, is very orthodox and academic. As a Stefano Bemer studio trainee, after returning to China, JIANG Daoyuan became a bespoke shoemaker and later, created his own shoe brand Badia. As curious as everyone is about this

Unboxing Badia Chelsea Boots from Handwelted Collection

I just summarized Badia’s collection of styles a few days ago, which surprised me. Because Badia has always been a Goodyear brand in my impression, why was it that most of them were Blake construction? With this question, I consulted JIANG Daoyuan, it turned out that Badia is working on product layout, and shoes in