Unboxing Tyler from J.FitzPatrick

This is the style specified by ENP, I believe in his vision, of course, more importantly, believe in his collocation.

Let’s take a look at the taste of this double collaboration.


The brand logo has actually been changed this year, and the shoebox may not have kept up.

The shoe is named Tyler, with a TMG last widened, leather is caramel calfskin and Hemp canvas. Hemp is a kind of linen fabric. Size is UK6.

The shoe bag has a dark floral logo, which is after the replacement.


TMG features a small round toe, whether it is the first glance or the first many eyes, I still think it looks good!


ENP chose this style because of this unparalleled design.

First of all, we can define it as Balmoral boots.

And then, it’s not the most conventional, because the fundamentalist Balmoral is the ancestor of the all-plain Oxford, and it shouldn’t have so many decorations, and this pair has many brogue elements.

Finally, the unique design comes from canvas collision and the shape of canvas area. In fact, the two pieces of lace holes and the two pieces that wrap around the ankle are spliced together on almost all Balmorals. Take this pair of Carmina, for example.

But most brands will deliberately weaken this stitch to create the feeling that there is a whole piece of leather for its simplicity.

Justin does the opposite, reinforcing what others have deliberately weakened, and suddenly opens up new worlds by contrasting colors and collision in materials. On the other hand, he makes the shape of this piece of canvas very eye-catching.

Because of this upper design, the shoes have an obvious and narrow visual extension from the toe to the top opening, and the result is that the shoes seem to be a little elongated, and this is a retro taste.

I originally wanted the black and white version, but ENP wanted this old dirty yellow.

I’m not surprised that he like this colour of leather, but I don’t know if the canvas is suitable for this kind of yellowing. effect, retro taste appears again!


The leather is Caramel calf, which is the first time I’ve seen it. Putting the name of caramel on shoes is quite interesting.

If I hadn’t seen the name, I’d say it’s a Tan color that deepens and adds a deeper sheen. This color is indeed relatively subtle, you may think you haven’t seen it, but you seem to have seen it; and you say you’ve seen it, but you always feel that it’s not consistent.

In the not too strong natural light, the color is not particularly bright, such a yellow color, the rustic taste on the clothing, may need to be a little stronger.


Whether it is fudge or stitch density on the welt, it is definitely higher than that of Crockett & Jones.


J.FitzPatrick’s sole has a characteristic, that is, the color will try to match the color of the upper.

But there is also a limit here. As sole only has a few different colors such as navy blue, black and dark red.

The sole of this pair is brown, but together with the light brown of the upper, the contrast is still very large, and it is not particularly good to match the upper.

It may also be that people’s expectations have been raised, and they think they can all match, but in fact, the soles are made in particularly bright colors, and there is nothing else to think of except for the blue-blooded Sutor Mantellassi.

The configuration of these shoes is a double leather sole. Double leather sole is not a rare thing, many British brands will use this configuration when making country shoes, and the French J.M. Weston’s Chasse and Demi Chasse, two village shoes, also install double leather soles. And the longwing shoes of the dominant position in the United States are also based on double leather soles. It’s just that this configuration is extremely rare in China.

The intention of the double leather sole is to be durable, or the road conditions are too bad, add an extra layer of cushioning. However, now with the option of rubber soles, it may be possible to achieve this purpose at a lower cost.

Even with the double leather sole, this rounded gradient at the waist is still meticulous and very fine.


Cuban heel, more classical, more feminine, more reminiscent of shoes to wear and dance.

I don’t like the obvious angle, but in this shoe, it’s okay. Why? Retro! These high-top lace-up shoes can be sporty or retro from Balmoral.


A pair of innovative and stylish classic boots.