Unboxing Wholecut Oxford 6903 in Alentejo from Carlos Santos

Wholecut Oxford has gained a lot of popularity in the market and I play patina on this model.


The texture of shoe box is quite smooth.

Model number is 6903, size UK5, leather Anil means aniline leather, 100 is crust colour, Alentejo is the patina. Last 397 is an almond round toe. Construction is Goodyear.

After opening, a shoehorn, a brochure

If you don’t have a shoehorn, this gift is so valuable. I have a statement that if shoes can be easily put on and taken off without shoehorn, then you wear shoes too big.

The brochure is to explain Goodyear construction.

I don’t know how this photo makes everyone feel, when I saw it for the first time, my eyes really lit up.

I have a few pairs of red shoes, this one is not the reddest, but it’s really the brightest.


Two experiences, one, wide feet friendly, two, harmony.

I don’t like the width of this one at first glance, but with this toe, I think it deserves the word symmetrical.

This side view is a place that impressed me a little bit about the brand.

There’s the curve of this dive from the instep to the toe.

Dive down to the steep curve of the toe, but it doesn’t give a sharp feel.


The entire sole are covered with this inexplicable brown.

Stamped logo looks very exquisite while the nails are not very impressive.


Open channel Goodyear.

270 degree welted.

Stitches are very neat.

The joint of whole round welt is well executed.

Fudge on heel is neat.


It’s impossible not to talk colour about Carlos Santos shoes, not to mention this Alentejo, which I carefully selected. Alentejo is where produces wine in Portugal, so this color is imitating wine.

Carlos Santos made a name by patina and these colours all have stand test of time.

Look at this color in bright light.


Because Carlos Santos loves patina, it uses crust leather from French tannery Du Puy for most cases. The quality is out of question.

I’m going to talk about a concept that I have personally experienced, called the original sin of patina.

Patina is dyeing, right? Part of this dye enters the leather, but a lot is still on the surface, and after drying, it forms a film.

Of course, this is related to what dye is used, if it dries it will not form a film at all, or if it cannot be absorbed.

I pressed hard with my hand to severely deform the vamp.

You can see the film on the surface of the leather that I’m talking about. This film gives people a bit of a plastic feeling. The same phenomenon, I see on Altan Bottier is more serious.

In addition, patina shoes, where they are often bent, the color will become lighter, so be mentally prepared for this.


What is the main purpose of this picture? Two points, one is that the instep is okay, that is, Oxford can be tightened. I didn’t pull the laces to death, anyway, it could have been tightened to form a truly closed Oxford. I share the same point of view as some readers, which is an important aesthetic consideration for Oxford shoes. Oxford, if the V shape is big obvious, it will give people a bit of a sloppy feeling.

The second point, although the outside of the foot is wide, it is still beautiful and in harmony.

The last one, not reflected in the picture, but my actual wearing feeling. This shoe is indeed wide-footed friendly, my E foot wears in, there is no feeling of being wrapped, and the foot can move on both sides.


The last is most attractive and the colour is so intriguing.