Visit Twinkima.G Store in Beijing

I rarely went to Beijing, and naturally I will go to some interesting shops, especially those that I didn’t see in other cities.

Twinkima.G, a brand established in Beijing, participated in the first China Trunk Show, allowing friends from all over the world to join this event in Shanghai. Twinkima.G loves to use museum leather, and its arch support is very prominent. I have a pair and confess it is ture.

Although they sell online (Taobao), Twinkima.G is a traditional brick and mortar brand. There are currently three mono-brand boutiques stores in Beijing.

I asked some friends in Beijing, most of these friends are girls, whether they know such a shoe store, surprisingly they did and say the decoration is quite characteristic.

This feature is American retro.

The Fangyuanli store is the largest, and the American style is the most obvious.

The logo is still quite atmospheric, and blue wall (brand color) with a big G stares at me.

G stands for the initial letter of Guan Meng, the founder. Mirror shined and eye-catching shoes are displayed on the wall. If you only see these shoes, you will think this is a high fashion brand. As an traditional shoe store, the audience is not enthusiasts by default.

There is bar which is the essence of this store, full of retro taste. The comfortable seats are against the shoe shiners, who is the champion of the first shoe shine competition!

The table on the left is also a brand-colored tablecloth, they are all women’s shoes. Before I visit this store, I didn’t know that Twinkima.G has women’s shoes. The colors are even more vivid. My current feeling seems that girls don’t wear very bright leather shoes, and black leather shoes are the most popular, maybe it is the influence of JK.

In the wooden closet there were shoe boxes, and when I walked close, I found they are MTM shoes that waited for someone to pick them up.

This is also an important selling point of Twinkima.G, which is the willingness to adjust last for people for 1,000 yuan surchange.

This is a customer’s MTM order form, and he ordered two pairs at once. For people who cannot find comfortable shoes, this service is really important.

Then I saw my pair of Brogued Balmoral Oxfords. Round egg toe is very elegant.

The last information of Twinkima.G is very simple and clear, four lasts in total, last 1 to 4.

From right to left, last 1 to 4 respectively. last 1 is square toe, last 2 round egg toe, last 3 soft chisel toe and last 4 wider square soft chisel toe.

I think the beauty of Twinkima.G lasts is quite good, and museum calf is really beautifully shining.

Next, it is quite contradictory, that on one hand, Twinkima.G targets consumers who are not enthusiasts, and on the other hand, it has so many Monk styles. I understand from data that Monk shoes are almost exclusive to enthusiasts.

The single buckle Monk with Derby element seems to be the tribute to Stefano Bemer.

last 1, square chisel toe hosts a full brogue Wingtip Monk.

Double Strap Monk Mixed Loafers, and it’s super rare and old-school Kiltie Loafer, I call it curtain Loafer, such a coquettish design, sure it won’t scare guests away?

Double buckle Monk paired with this marbled museum calf is like a tank.

Toe cap has the technique of reverse stitching, and apron pie crust.

After seeing so many shoes, I decided to enjoy the bar service.

Sitting in a high chair, sipping a drink, watching the performance of the winner of the shoe shine competition, I tell you, this kind of enjoyment is unbeatable comparable!

First, remove the laces.

Clean the whole shoe with Renovateur, and the tongue is being conditioned.

After care, it is time to shine the whole shoe. I sat there chatting with him and watching him shine my shoes, which was very refreshing.

The champion’s technique is soothing, and the concentration is like stroking the flawless flesh.

The whole shoe shine process took almost an hour.

If you think that’s the end of it, you’re wrong, and there’s more top-notch service ahead.

I was guided to sit on the couch and then the person who has shined my shoes tied the laces for me. This kind of service is really off the roof and the money is well spent.

Wearing the shoes shined by competition champion, my confidence is bursting.