What About Half Size Larger?

The result is Comfort.

Online purchasing is main stream and shoe lovers would try many brands, and different brands have very different sizing systems, which causes many tragedies. For these unsuccessful purchases, some returned and some kept. This pair Vass is one of the kept ones which is half size larger than my feet.

When I wear wool socks and lace up tightly.

Struggle the feet to front, the gap between foot heel and shoe heel cannot insert a finger which we can say the size is great.

Two ears of derby lie parallel which is good looking.

So we should say this pair fits me good? Right? Maybe.

When I unlace and use my regular method of trying size, stretch my foot till the front and feel a little pressed on little toe, slightly move backwards.

And this time, one finger is there, this means, at least half size larger if not one size.

In my youth, parents told me use one finger to maker sure sneakers are in good fit. But I don’t feel it is right for dress shoes. Because 1) If you can put in your feet without shoe horn, the shoes are too big; 2) you must hear the sound of air pushed out and 3) when foot heel adhere to shoe heel, the upper should touch your little toe and bunion.

Use my way, the break in process is painful, however the worn shoes are so comfortable and fit.

Back to this pair, what is wrong with the half size larger if they are comfortable and good looking lace area, no slippery at heel. I think the only thing is the creases are very close to lace area. That is because the last is not design for this size of feet and the expected creases deviate. This is the common error you will find on larger (for feet) shoes and especially those narrow sharp shoes which some one would take even one and half size up to wear.

In the end, fit is a very subjective judgement, if it is not loafer. There are people like me who like wearing snug shoes, and people love very roomy ones. Nobody can tell you which is good except yourself.