Excellent Bespoke Tailoring Houses in China

Yesterday, I showed the Oct Tenth team photo, and today’s group photo is even more explosive, the best bespoke tailoring houses in China.

Some houses may have some exposure on the Internet, and some tailors are more well-known, such as Riccardo of Sartoria Dei Solari. But many may only be heard of but never seen.

I hope that this photo can let people around the world know that China bespoke tailoring is rising and reaching a high level.

I Introduce them from left to right.

On the far left is the Wuhan Shiyi team, but the third person is Vincent from Solari.

The first on the left is LI, a tailor, who completes the production of a suit fully hand from beginning to end.

The second from the left is Master HU, the orthodox inheritance of the Red Gang tailor in Wuhan.

The third from the left is the owner of Shiyi, ZHANG Qiang. It was his love of suits (not the business) that allowed him to transform Shiyi into a high level bespoke tailoring house.

ZHAO Hui, I had an interview with him here, is one of the core figures of Sartoria Dei Solari, a very hot Milan-style house in China.

He and ZHANG Renjie (Riccardo) complement each other and make the pure Milanese style more experienced in China.

The team has recently recruited a new person, and I will take you to know his work history.

The five in the middle are from four houses.

The first is AO Xiang of Gik Tailor from Nanchang. AO Xiang and the owner of Oct Tenth have known each other for many years and even made shoes together in Shanghai. After returning to Nanchang, he was fascinated by studying clothes, and this time he finally brought his interpretation of Roman, Florentine and Napolitan styles to the 2023 China Trunk Show.

In particular, you can try the Roman style he reproduced, which is very rare in China except the very unaffordable Brioni.

In addition, he loves to work ultra-high-count fabrics, 180s is the minimum.

The next one should be the most recognizable, Kenneth Ling from Lancer.

The best stylist in China, if you go to Lancer, on top of getting high-quality products, his fashion consultant advises offer even greater value.

Of course, Lancer is a team, along with handsome Kevin and Master Wang.

Will is explaining Lancer style to ENP XIAO Sanke.

The next one is YUE Song, whose house is called Yue Song Workshop, which may be unfamiliar, but Fibonacci bespoke in Shenzhen was one of the best houses in South China a few years ago. YUE Song was the person in charge of the product.

being rooted in Shenzhen, there are a large number of orders made for overseas stores, and Yuesong Workshop also hosts Trunk Shows in different cities every year.

The next two on the right are the pinnacle house from Wuhan, LiiYuan, LI Yuan and ZHANG Chunhai.

LiiYuan has its own pattern and style, no longer an imitation of famous houses in Italy. The suits are completely its own expression of beauty, and at the same time, he uses his own demonstration to interpret what kind of feeling his clothes can achieve.

Because LI Yuan is responsible for the vision of the brand, many people may know his appearance, but the actual cutter and tailor, ZHANG Chunhai may not have seen by many people.

The first one in the third section, Lorenzo from Stile Renaissance.

Lorenzo is very low-key and even rejects exposure, so this photo is the only chance to see him except when you go to the house.

Fortunately, ZHANG Jianxiang, the inhouse tailor is not so shy.

The two on the far right are HMH, the first choice for entering real bespoke tailoring, the manager HE Meihua and the master in her shop.

HMH has a number of Shanghai suit enthusiast customers, which is probably more than to any store. It is the house that I would recommend to many people who want to get started but are on a budget. In fact, HMH has its own style, and it is eye-catching. I will showcase her suits later.

The above are part of the best houses in China which are continuously improving their products.