LiiYuan Double Breasted, VBC Mohair

Everyone knows that I publish a bespoke tailoring house list every year, and LiiYuan is a very high rating house on the list in 2023.

My judgment of the quality tailoring is very subjective, on the one hand, it is reflected in the beauty of the proportion of the lines, and whether it feels right on dummy. On the other hand, after wearing it for a while, the comfort and feeling of myself are right or not.

As for the handmade details, shoulders, sleeves, all these practices, I don’t know anything. If someone tells me, I listen, but it won’t be my yardstick.

LiiYuan’s jackets are very long, and I was very worried at first, because I am short. But in fact, whether it was worn in a suit or separately, there was not much problem, and my psychological guard was gradually relaxed.

The style of LiiYuan, in large categories, is considered Florentine, but because the version has been completely integrated into its own elements, it is not bound to imitate anyone.

It is considered Florentine style mainly because the shoulders are relatively abducted, and the front is without darts, so that the waist appears straighter. Extremely wide and aggressive lappers make the upper body stronger.

If you only look at the façade, you may miss 70% of its beauty. From the side, although there is not much waist tightening, the burly sense of the male body still shines through.

VBC mohair is not a good solution to make this very light structure of clothing, because the brittleness of mohair and the flow of LiiYuan are deeply irreconcilable.

LiiYuan’s clothes are said to be worn without buttoning, LI Yuan himself never buttons. As a result, the arrangement of button position is important,

The so-called low center of gravity is manifested by the arrangement of button positions. In addition, the beauty of the proportions of this garment in a completely relaxed state is said to be a blessing.

On the whole, LiiYuan’s clothes cannot be said to be ethereal, but also a sense of casual indulgence.

Thank king of Corthay, ZHOU Zhe, for his friendship starring.