LiiYuan,VBC 马海毛双排扣西装

大家都知道我每年出一个定制店榜单,而那个榜单的作者并不是我,我也无法成为评委之一,一来做过的衣服不够多,二来对衣服的理解也不够深刻。所以我和大家一样,都在按图索骥,一家一家去打卡。 李渊定制,就是2023年榜单上评分非常靠前店家。 Post Views: 101

An Interview with Japanese Bespoke Shoemaker Nobuaki Fujisawa

The founder of shoe brand Floriwonne, Nobuaki Fujisawa, was born in Japan with the nickname Fg-trente, of which the meaning is color magician. There is no doubt that Nobuaki is the first and best shoe patina artist, the Japanese male version of Olga Berluti. Most people think finishing especially patina is an addon for bespoke

An Interview with Sevan Minasian, the Founder of ClassicShoesForMen

Sven Minasian is a very special gentleman who not only loves donning dress shoes but also collecting dress shoes. I always share a concept that dress shoes are useful art works, and Mr. Minasian’s collection is the cream of the ice. You can visit his website to check a lot of fantastic shoes such

Unboxing of Shell Cordovan Penny Loafer Bruckner from Maftei

As a famous bespoke shoemaker in Austria, Maftei offers unlimited leather options to clients, such as elephant leather seen on this pair of chukka boots Mammoth, and stingray leather is very popular among its connoisseurs. Naturally, shell cordovan is in the menu, and Maftei certainly chooses the best in the world, which is from tannery

我的鞋之Maftei Bespoke真一片式牛津

这是我目前唯一一双全定制的鞋子,说起来真的可悲,国内的陆扬,陈华,都是我的心头好,但还未能成行。 这双鞋其实不太算我的点菜,因为我让Maftei做他最想给我做的鞋子。这双鞋在鞋楦上,我是满意的,工艺,我从来不是控,但也很OK,唯一就是颜色,我不太满意。 Post Views: 601