Unboxing Cap Toe Oxford Magnolia from J.Fitzpatrick

J.FitzPatrick is not famous for its classic and conservative models, however it doesn’t mean J.FitzPatrick does not offer these wardrobe staples. If you have to pick up the most boring model in J.FitzPatrick lineup, Magnolia wins without any opponent in the sight. But how boring is this model? Let us have a check. Post Views:

Unboxing Plain Toe Loafer Marcos from J.FitzPatrick

American brand J.FitzPatrick is my favorite dress shoe brand for its very innovative yet elegant and classic designs at each model. Some scattered inspirations are not hard, but that every model is not lack of innovation is not easy at all. Take an example of Gaziano & Girling which is a new brand founded in

Unboxing of Shell Cordovan Penny Loafer Bruckner from Maftei

As a famous bespoke shoemaker in Austria, Maftei offers unlimited leather options to clients, such as elephant leather seen on this pair of chukka boots Mammoth, and stingray leather is very popular among its connoisseurs. Naturally, shell cordovan is in the menu, and Maftei certainly chooses the best in the world, which is from tannery

Unboxing Odd Colour Shell Cordovan Navvy from Maftei

As a bespoke shoemaker, Maftei does offer a lot of leather options to its clients, but not till recent years, shell cordovan was not so common seen and chosen in this atelier. Mr. Maftei suddenly fell in love with Horween shell cordovan and stocked some. This pair was made of one special piece as the

Unboxing 101440 from Meermin

Disclaimer: This pair was sent by Meermin brand for review without charge. I have not taken any kind of benefit except the shoes. Actually, I unboxed one pair of 101430 already, and this one I requested that my pair must be the same customer will get buying online, nothing should be special, not matter the

Unboxing Swan 7905 from Carlos Santos

This model was actually co-developed by Carlos Santos and Swedish select shoe shop Skoaktiebolaget. Skoaktiebolaget is the first shop carrying Carlos Santos and fairly speaking, without Skoaktiebolaget, Carlos Santos cannot get the momentum in shoe enthusiast commnutiy. They released 4 models if I don’t remember wrong, and this one is my favorite. Let us have

Unboxing Foster from Riccardo Bestetti

Riccardo Bestetti was regarded as the most talented shoemaker in Italy but died at a young age due to cancer. His illustration of artful shoes combined with aggressive lasts is amazing and shocking to the industry and as a bespoke shoemaker, his skill is also top notch. I only have the previledge to own one