A New Loafer from Badia

Badia released a new model of loafer which is very different with its previous sleek and slender ones, and the market applauded.

When I looked at this pair, I thought of Lopez from John Lobb. To be fair, the last is different, however this last is too far away from its signature lasts.

I contacted JIANG Daoyuan, the founder of Badia to know his concept.

“The concept of this pair is to change our loafers’ feeling. Previously, our shoes are too tender.”

“I want to have different style for each year, make something different. This year, I want a rounder toe, so I develop this conservative last.“

“This last is excellent, every proportion, the streamline, the room, all to perfection in my eyes.“

”I don’t feel this last has any connection with English last, it is in fact more suitable for Asian. In our test, most Chinese feel comfortable. As a loafer, the heel cup holds foot great, the opening closely attach to ankles.“

“My colleague and I together designed the pattern. The round hole on strap had been used on our other models. For me, I am just using something already mine, not copying John Lobb.

“I don’t deny the similarity with Lopez from John Lobb as the apron stitches are the same. This stitch method is widely used, and Lopez has become the iconic.”

“I hope making a pair of shoes grander. This one is beautiful but not grand yet. I used to make something fine, exquisite, so this is a challenge for me.“

“I am trying, and this one is balanced to say the best, not the grand feeling I want to achieve. Lopez has a feeling of years of sedimentation, open-mindedness and purposed bluntness. This loafer is good enough but not to compete with Lopez.“

”So I may say it is a younger version of Lopez, if you look at my other shoes in this year, you will find many English shoes in their youth.“

”I am gradually moving to structural, outlined shoes, they attract people by this grand feeling, not exquisite details. That is where I put my efforts.“

”This is my growth. Tender and fine shoes are good looking, but not confident spiritually. A seemingly rough or blunt shoes can be elegant as well in a high level.“