Unboxing Penny Loafer Haydn from Maftei

Loafers have dominated the world for its convenience and maybe informality which matches the casual trend in clothing. Except for the formal business occasions requiring oxford, you see loafers everywhere. However, in Austria or middle Europe, loafers are not as popular as the rest of the world, it seems they still prefer derbies. In a

Carlos Santos独特乐福Spade开箱

Carlos Santos有一款乐福,Elliot,是它全球卖得最好的乐福,我店里也有三个皮革及颜色选择。Elliot在我眼里,第一眼很难和其他家的区分开来,虽然它的围裙区域使用的是John Lobb Lopez的缝制方式,便士开孔又拿来的J.M.Weston 180的形状然后再变得狭长一点,但始终太过普通。普通,也许就是它卖得最好的原因。 Post Views: 248

Unboxing of Shell Cordovan Penny Loafer Bruckner from Maftei

As a famous bespoke shoemaker in Austria, Maftei offers unlimited leather options to clients, such as elephant leather seen on this pair of chukka boots Mammoth, and stingray leather is very popular among its connoisseurs. Naturally, shell cordovan is in the menu, and Maftei certainly chooses the best in the world, which is from tannery

My Shoe Collection, Lorenzo from Berluti

Berluti is the most famous dress shoe company in the world because its parent company has put a lot of resource to promote it, and the company is called LVMH which is best at marketing even in history. Before the acquisition of LVMH, Berluti was the leading French shoemaker already. Today, LVMH put tailoring heritage


乐福是中国男装第一皮鞋,没有任何争议。便士乐福是世界乐福鞋中的霸主。但是这个第一和霸主,没有调和在一起,因为中国男人最爱的乐福,或者说纯正一脚蹬,是这样的。 当然,我这双是意大利原版,但是精髓你知道了,鞋面无装饰性设计(我这双的鸵鸟腿皮不算),然后脚背皮延申较高。我认为这个较高的延申,是为了盖住脚背,显得更正式。不过这也是我的猜测而已,都穿乐福了,还什么正式不正式。 会出现这样的情况,我认为是改革开放后意大利时尚的疯狂涌入,成为了正统,就像桑塔纳在五菱宏光之前,是睥睨天下的神车一样。这个大众巴西特供版丢到中国,没想到成为30年顶级印钞机。 正本清源,请各位男性看回便士乐福这个更好看,更优雅,更自如,更不油腻的款式。 Post Views: 577