Crocodile Tanneries of Hermes

As mentioned earlier, HCP is the Hermès Leather Department, which has a number of tanneries, divided into categories, cowhide, sheepskin and exotic leather. Although exotic leathers include ostrich, lizard, snake skins, etc., the most exciting one is crocodile leather. HCP currently has 4 crocodile leather tanneries. let’s take a look.

Gordon Choisy

Founded in 1966, it has been oriented to the luxury industry since its establishment.

Located on la Grande Haie Street in Montereau-Fault-Yonne town in France.

It was acquired by Hermès in 1996.

In 2020, Hermès opened a bag making factory here, closer to the raw materials.

Louisiane Spa

Louisiane SPA, based in Milan, was founded in 1988 and specializes in the production of crocodile leather.

This Italian tannery is registered in Milan, but the tannery is doubtful of being in the city. It has a showroom in Italy’s leather center, Tuscany, probably the factory is there.

Reptile Tannery of Louisiana, INC.

Founded on April 6, 1992, this American corporation locates in Louisiana telling from its name. The address is 105 Dorset Street in Lafayette.

Although the company was founded in 1992, it moved to this address in 1994. The original name of the company was Roggwiller Tannery of Louisiana, INC. Roggwiller is a large international distributor of exotic leathers which also has tanneries in France and Italy.

Louisiana is crocodile farming area in the United States, and it is logical to build a tannery there.

It is unclear in which year Hermès bought it.

Tannerie de Vivoin

This tannery is the most mysterious and can hardly find any information on the Internet. The reason I guess is that it has always been Hermès exclusive. The tannery is on street Hoche Hall in Paris. Another reason is that this tannery was founded very recently in Oct. 2014.