How to Care Waxed Leather

In terms of my personal dress style, I should never touch this leather in my life, but one of the great pleasures of writing lies in communication, or a great pleasure in life, in helping others, and there is a sense of existence, so I will be very excited when others ask me about leather care!

The tanning process of waxed leather, except that it is not necessarily chromium, is indeed very similar to horse leather, which is heavily impregnated with oil and wax.

Leave the texture alone, waxed leather is still a smooth leather and the procedure of care is the same.


First use a brush to remove dust, and then use detergent to dissolve the surface shoe wax and accumulate dirt or dust trapped on the surface.


Here must be a clear difference from ordinary leather, the oil content in waxed leather accounts for 15% of the weight of the leather, so a lot of supplementary grease is required. Vegetable oil is definitely not suitable and animal fat is better.

What products on the market contain high content of animal fat? Dubbin and mink oil.

Lanolin is a good animal fat, but the content of products based on lanolin will not be very high, and they are more concerned about better absorption and moisture.

What are the main points to pay attention to when using Dubbin or mink oil? Rub it a little longer, warm it in circles so that it can enter the leather, which is the most important thing.

If the animal fat that is not fully absorbed into the leather, it will accumulate on the surface, clogging pores, affecting breathability, and collecting dust like mad.


No need to apply shoe cream? It is not that waxed leather cannot be applied shoe cream, but the people who love this leather like its various lines and traces due to the use, if you use the shoe cream to make up these lines, it loses all its glamour.

Moreover, there is no need to use shoe wax, here polishing is just to smooth the grease oozing from the leather, so that waxed leather has its own unique luster.


The lovers of waxed leather basically want to ravage it violently and then feel the beauty. That being the case, the simpler the care, the less it is better.

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